Kazu Suzuki, Executive Consultant

Lean Executive Consultant, Kazu SuzukiDuring his 42 year Denso and Denso group career, Kazu spent 20 years in Denso headquarters in Japan as design engineer and quality manager and 22 years as sales engineer and various management positions in U.S operations such as business planning, production engineering, manufacturing, quality, sales, purchasing, production control and president of the industry leader in sales and quality.

Kazu was a pioneer in launching Denso's business in North America, being the first Japanese sales engineer to sell diesel injection system to U.S market. He later served as engineering director to promote Denso auto parts sales to the U.S auto market, and then played a key role in starting various Denso parts and systems manufacturing operations in the U.S. to produce the growing order book of products he had sold.

Further demonstrating his talents for applying Lean engineering, manufacturing, quality and sales management in North America, Kazu spent 10 years at ASMO, a Denso affiliate and largest North American producer of electric motors for all U.S. and Japanese auto makers. Kazu served as a president of ASMO North American 1,500 employee operation, producing 1.4 million electric motors in a year with zero customer defects!

Kazu has developed a deep understanding of our management philosophy to engage all managers in developing an employee involvement atmosphere at all four of ASMO's American facilities. With his engineering and top management experience in the most successful of all Toyota supplier companies, he also has a deep understanding of the world’s best systems for developing successful new products, starting up mass production and production improvement, assuring world-class quality, and promoting sales to the most demanding customers.