Mark Cooper, Executive Consultant

12 years of Domestic and International consulting experience leading Toyota Production System implementations in over 40 locations. 11 years of well rounded manufacturing management experience including profit and loss responsibility. Demonstrated leadership ability with excellent communication skills in team-based environments.

Toyota Production System training received directly from managers and assistant managers at Toyota OMCD (Operations Management Consulting Division) Tokyo, Japan, TSSC (Toyota Supplier Support Center) Lexington, Kentucky and TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) Cambridge, Ontario.

Significant achievements include:

Implementation of the first Toyota Production System tier one supplier "showcase" for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada. This project was sponsored by Ray Tanguay, President of TMMC to initiate the transition of North American Toyota suppliers to adopt the Toyota Production System. Key note speaker at the Toyota Supplier Conference helping 250 of Toyota's top suppliers answer the question, "Why should I implement the Toyota Production System?"

Implementation of the Toyota Production System at Alcoa Aluminum Corp. headquartered in Pittsburg PA. Significant cost reduction targets of 2.1 Billion achieved globally over a 6 yr. period. Toyota Production System model plants were successfully implemented in each division. Mentoring of Alcoa members resulting in the creation of an internal consulting group capable of safe-guarding and proliferating explicit and tacit TPS knowledge gained through model implementations in each division.