Greg Colacion Senior Consultant

Greg ColacionGreg Colacion was one of the early TPS/Lean leaders in North America Toyota. He has consulted numerous Fortune 500 companies including Chrysler (directly to Dennis Pauley, VP Global Operations), GAZ Automotive in Russia (COO) and has worked with Jim Womack (Author of "Lean Thinking") across a number of fronts to increase clients' lean business competitiveness. Among many other Toyota leadership roles, he was the first Toyota Production System Department Manager at Toyota-TABC (first U.S. manufacturing plant) and was instrumental in design and startup of a $200M catalytic converter plant. In addition to his systems thinking, he has a strong technical manufacturing background across diverse industrial companies: forging, machining, casting, injection molding, high tolerance assembly as well as expertise including military tank MRO and tooling maintenance/heavy equipment rebuild with RusAl, the largest aluminum producer on the world. Greg’s talents for working with people to transform the productivity of their equipment and operations are legendary.