Our expertise … seeded at Toyota, the inventors of Lean

Lean President, Bob Bennett Our team is distinctive. We were trained by the very inventors of Lean Thinking. Yet we didn't stop there. We are business executives and managers who took it to the next level. Our generation of Lean Leaders spawned Lean in the Americas.

Our president, Bob Bennett, developed the most efficient and lowest inventory motor vehicle service parts supply chain in North America - creating the icon of the automotive industry.

We have led major and diverse business operations - globally - so we get it. We know that the only way to create lasting change is to climb into the operating trenches and understand the work to be done. We infuse Lean Thinking into every facet of your operations. From the front-line managers to C-level executives.

We have an exceptional track record. We resolve the short-term operating crises while embedding a systemic solution. We can drive better business results in almost every function at your company.